Managing Hitachi Storage Advisor

2 дн.
О курсе

This 2 day course provides information about the basic administration and provisioning tasks using Hitachi Storage Advisor (HSA). These tasks include storage setup and configuration (onboarding and discovering storage), creating parity groups, pools, volumes and LUNs (provisioning volumes to the host), and managing virtual file servers, file systems and file shares. The course also explains how to manage and monitor storage from the Hitachi Storage Advisor dashboard.

Additionally, hands-on lab activities enable you to gain practical experience and knowledge on administering and provisioning using HSA.

Для кого этот курс

Course Availability

  • Employees
  • Partners
  • Customers

Suggested Audience

  • Administration
  • Learn about basic administration and provisioning tasks using Hitachi Storage Advisor (HSA)
  • Enhance your knowledge of managing and monitoring storage resources
  • Learn hands-on skills that enable you to gain practical knowledge and experience on administering and provisioning storage resources using HSA
Требуемые знания и навыки
  • Basic knowledge of management software
  • Basic understanding of block and file storage
  • RAID storage systems and their basic functions
  • Volume creation and management
  • Pool creation and management
  • Parity group creation and management 
Приобретаемые навыки

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the Hitachi Storage Advisor (HSA) software evolution transition, the new features and enhancements
  • Explain the architecture, storage management features and capabilities of Storage Advisor
  • Describe the workflows for onboarding, configuring, creating and attaching volumes
  • Use the Hitachi Storage Advisor dashboard storage system to add storage system and explain how onboarding a storage system is associated with HSA
  • Manage storage from the Hitachi Storage Advisor dashboard
  • Explain the process to create parity groups and create and protect volumes.
  • Use Hitachi Storage Advisor SA dashboard cloning and snapshot to protect a volume, create file pools in HSA, access the file pool details
  • Describe how the file pool capacity can be expanded
  • Create and access the Virtual File Servers to create file systems
  • Monitor capacity utilization and hardware resources 

Content Modules

  • Transition and Architecture
  • Features and Capabilities
  • Analyzing Hitachi Storage Advisor
  • Adding a Storage System
  • Configuring Block Storage
  • Configuring File Storage
  • Data Protection
  • Monitoring Block Storage

Learning Activities — Labs

  • Adding a Storage System
  • Enabling or Disabling Port Security Resources
  • Adding a Fabric Switch
  • Creating Parity Groups – Basic Method
  • Creating Parity Groups or Hot Spares – Advanced Method
  • Creating Pools– Basic Method
  • Creating Pools – Advanced Method
  • Creating Volumes to Attach to Servers
  • Attaching Newly Created Volumes to Servers
  • Creating File Pools
  • Creating a Virtual File Server
  • Creating File Systems
  • Protecting Volumes by Cloning
  • Protecting Volumes by Creating Snapshots
  • Monitoring Capacity