Operating and Managing Data Protection and Data Migration on the Hitachi NAS Platform

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с 15.02.2018 по 16.02.2018
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О курсе

This 2 day course provides information on the management and operation of Hitachi NAS Platform software suite key elements. The course includes a cross platform explanation of the data protection and data migration family of features provided by the NAS Platform software suite.

You will be introduced to Data Protection features, including file replication, object replication, file clone and antivirus software. You will also learn about Data Migration functions using local and remote data paths to Hitachi Content Platform and Data Migrator to Cloud.

Lab activities for this course include exercises to establish a selection of data protection and data migration scenarios, after setting up the NAS Platform server in a multi-domain and mixed authentication environment.

Для кого этот курс

Course Availability

  • Customers

Suggested Audience

  • Storage Managers

Course Highlights

  • Get introduced to data protection features of Hitachi NAS Platform
  • Learn data migration functions using local and remote data paths to Hitachi Content Platform and data migrator to cloud
  • Practice with hands on lab exercises for select data protection and data migration scenarios for configuring the Hitachi NAS Platform servers
Требуемые знания и навыки

Required Knowledge and Skills:

  • Basic understanding of Hitachi NAS Platform concepts and operations
  • Experience with Hitachi storage systems
  • Operational knowledge of SANs

Prerequisite Courses: TCI1125 Concept and Operations of Hitachi NAS Platform

Приобретаемые навыки

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Review current Hitachi NAS Platform models, including the latest models added to the portfolio
  • Review the File System construct and add more comprehensive File System features
  • Review the access protocols and add information about new versions of access protocols, multi-domain environments and mixed authentication
  • Describe the replication features offered by the data protection family within the software suite
  • Identify the usage of snapshots, checkpoints and file cloning
  • Describe the integration of NAS Platform with storage features, such as Hitachi TrueCopy Replication
  • Demonstrate how the customer can implement local and remote data migration using Hitachi Content Platform and data migrator to cloud as targets

Content Modules

  1. Hitachi NAS Platform Review
  2. File System Features
  3. Access Protocols
  4. Snapshot and Antivirus
  5. Data Protection Features
  6. Hitachi NAS Platform Integration with Hitachi Storage Replication Technology
  7. Data Migration Features

Learning Activities — Labs

  1. File System and File Sharing
  2. File System Dedupe
  3. Access Protocols
  4. File and Object Replication
  5. Hitachi NAS Platform Data Migration Features